Friday, March 13, 2009

sitting in the silent twilight...

stila newsletter came in the mailbox justnow. and i really really really want those smudge pots. aiyer, i waaannnttt. i have the lip glaze though. it made my lips feels a little bit uncomfortable, but i managed. but i do want those wicked smudge pots. hmm.

notice i changed the layout? a little bit more neat right? easy to read. no beyonce to distract you from reading. bagus kan? he he he

i'm listening to a song called comfortably numb by hafizi. i don't really know him. we met once, coz he's a very good friend of my friend. so my friend sent me the song. it's quite good actually. very melancholic. his friend told me he wrote the song after he broke up with his girlfriend. sad hoorrr?? what's the name of the band again? metropolis 'something' or 'something' metropolis or no 'something' at all. hmm. don't care la.

i miss adi fairuz

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