Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Summer fruit salsa

When I was in cooking school the teachers taught us that "fat is flavour." While it is true that nothing can replace the heavenly rich mouth-feel of ice cream, creme brulee, buttercream icing, or savory gravies and demi sauces finished with butter, duck confit, seared foie gras, rillettes...I can just imagine my arteries hardening at the thought of all of that fat.

Fat in moderation is great, but you can't eat like that every day. With summer almost in full swing here in Vancouver, more fresh seasonal produce are available at the local farm markets now. This is a tasty fruit salsa I made as an accompaniment for seared cod fish. I added diced cantaloupe, tomatoes, and avocado with green onions, blueberries, and parsley with a little bit of olive oil and a good squeeze of fresh lemon juice. Who says low fat can't also equal good flavour?