Wednesday, March 4, 2009

a little naive

went out with the two senioritas; sofia and stef. had crabstick in the car. so nice. i had five of em. stef was in her usual exam mood. worrying while being happy at the same time. he he he.

did you guys watched 'til death do us part' today? i didn't. i dont dare too. so depressing la. guy of my affection getting married. and he was so good looking in his wedding suit and his professionaly done hairdo, his eyes. haih!!

i've been reading this girl's blog. and it irks me to the core mannn. i know it's her personal blog and all but you don't have to be too personal right? more like self-pity only. one minute she'll tell the whole world that she's depressed because her boyfriend left her for another girl. then, she said she still love him. next she said it's okay, she's a strong girl. then, depressed again. then wanted to move on. then melancholy mode again. then new life la, what la. dungu gila!

i watched 'thirteen'. it's about this girl who be friended this hippest/wild girl in school. and they started doing stuff like, drugs, booze, sex, body piercings, wild parties. then kantoi, then the girl framed her. plots nye sungguh boleh di-predict. and her attitude adalah sungguh irritating.

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