Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Big Fat Shit

2 years ago in our office, we got a new programmer. To reeinforced stereotypes of programmers, as seen in The Simpsons when Homer gets disability allowance, this guy was huge. About 5'8", but with a body that would make Rik Waller look svelte. We worked on the second floor, so he came in everyday knackered from making it up the stairs (in which time, no one else could use them) and it took 2 hours for his breathing to return to normal.

Our toilet cubicles are 3ft x 6ft x 8ft. One of my colleagues was amazed one morning when he saw the guy struggling out of one of them. As they passed each other, he noticed a strong whiff, but put it down to being a fat bloke who's had to climb stairs. He then turned to look in the cubicle and promptly through up. The back wall, bowl and fittings were completely covered, up to a height of 4ft on the wall, in runny shite.

The toilet was closed for 2 days. The fat guy resigned the day after.

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